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 I am an location independent designer, working with customers all over our beautiful planet

Proudly served some of the most famous and influential clients worldwide currently working for a Polish Fintech company “Finelf”  I’ve worked with people like Ewa Farna, many revolutionary companies and startups like SMBX, Emitwise, Rammer, Kia motors

Sure, everyone likes a well-executed interface. But in a fast-paced,high-tech world You’ll need someone  like me with solid research skills, strategic framework, and unparalleled creativity to coax out your brand’s inner swan.We’ll build the brand together that gives your business the perfect identity.

I focus on crafting delightful experiences through meticulous attention to detail and I am always trying to help our clients reach their full potential. Everything begins with an idea. I pair vision with insight to sharpen brands’ cores into crystal-clear strategies. The visual representation of your business is paired with a messaging strategy to create a full brand identity. I’ll design the branding materials that define your business, including: UX&UI, Branding materials, Logos etc.

I cover a large range of creative digital projects, platforms, and campaigns.

My collaborative approach builds brands worth talking about.I am passionate about creating strong imagery. I design the brand that defines your business and draws people in.

I’m always focused on crafting delightful experiences through meticulous attention to detail.
Together my clients reach their full potential. 
We’ll build the brand that gives your business the perfect identity.


Quick samples of My projects

Kia motors

Graphic Design & Webdesign
Feb 19 – Jan 20

As a global company, Kia Motors produces in excess of 2 million cars a year across a wide range of vehicles including passenger cars, commercial vehicles and buses which can be seen throughout the world.

I’ve worked with Kia Dealers & co. on their websites etc.


Website, Ilustrations & UX&UI
Sep 19 –  June 20

Rammer.ai is the most advanced contextual analysis platform for natural voice and text conversations to generate real-time actionable outcomes, knowledge, and insights from interactions – without a wake word or keyword.


Website design / code & Branding
Aug 19– Ongoing

emitWise continuously audits the carbon footprint of your operations and supply chain, helping you remain compliant, improve your brand image, and slash operating costs.

Humm & BoostwithEdge

Website & Graphic design
Aug 16 – Oct 19

Humm is a clinically proven wearable patch that improves your working memory by gently stimulating the brain’s attention and learning center. We developed humm based on the latest research in the field of neuroscience to allow you to get the best out of your brain whenever you need it most.

Red Bull Energy

Graphic Design & Animation Design
Dec 17 – Jan 19

Red Bull Energy Drink is appreciated worldwide by top athletes, students, and in highly demanding professions as well as during long drives.


I’ve also worked with

Sadly due to licensing and agreements I’m not always able to share the projects I’ve worked on for specific companies.

But I’m excited to proudly mention that I did indeed work with companies mentioned below.

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